Great reasons to go to Villasimius, Southern Sardinia, Italy: beaches, food, wine, hospitality

villasimius beach
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villasimius beach
simius playa beach
samada restaurant
porceddu sardinia
marina area sardinia
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beach villasimius sardinia
beach villasimius
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campus beach sardinia
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il miraggio restaurant sardinia

A fantastic coastline with many picturesque fisherman’s villages, where hotels and lodgings have been built without disturbing the territory.

The colors and fragrances as well traditions and flavours come from various influences of the past and offer a myriad of great suggestions.

This area will mesmerize you and will not deceive you for sure if you like the understated kind of luxury.

boat villasimius sardinia
Villasimius – Sardinia, Italy

Villasimius has become a tourist destination because of the enchanting scenery and because of its marine biology, belonging to the Marine Reserve of Capo Carbonara between Capo Boi and the Island of Serpentara .

beach villasimius sardinia 2
Capo Carbonara – Sardinia, Italy

Its ancient origins date back to the Punic and Roman times and archaeological remains can be found in the small but interesting Archeological Museum in the town center.

At summertime, the village’s center breathes nothing but the easy going and laid back simplicity of a small authentic coastal town and it rarely overcrowded and on Saturday mornings, the central via Donatello hosts the weekly open air market with a wide choice of fresh produce stalls.

The best beaches

The little town center, however, cannot be reason to stay in Villasimius, where nature and above all the sea and the beaches are awesome.

The nearest is Simius beach, perhaps also one of the most beautiful although quite crowded in peak season, such as late July and August. This beach boasts the finest white sand and the most wonderful pristine clear blue sea. It has all the facilities as, for instance, rental for parasols, sunbeds and bar for refreshments.

simius playa beach
Simius Playa Beach – Sardinia, Italy

Unparalleled beauty is the right description for Campus beach. The sea colors here range from turquoise to green and the golden sands make a nice contrast for the pleasure of your eyes. Facilities here as in Simius beach.

campus beach sardinia
Campus Beach – Sardinia, Italy

Sheltered from the North-Eat wind, lies Cala Tramatzu, offering spectacular crystal clear waters; the seabed is initially covered with pebbles and bigger rocks are here and there over the beach, creating a pleasant frame.

There are no facilities here, which makes it very appealing to me… as I like more secluded venues!

Should you be traveling with children, the shallow turquoise waters and the super white sand of Timi Ama beach are what is the best for you. This beach has all the facilities and therefore is pretty crowded but I would strongly advice it if you are around in May or early June because it is really beautiful and worth the trip.

beach villasimius sardinia
White rocks around Villasimius Beach – Sardinia, Italy

Are you a sport fan? If you enjoy activity during your holidays, you can use a bike to get around the area. Beaches that are not too difficult to reach are Simius, Campus, and Campulongu but be aware of high temperatures! There are also several bike rentals and some hotels and resorts also have them at disposal for free.

marina area sardinia
Villasimius Marina Area – Italy

Discovering the coast of Villasimius from the sea can truly be called an experience as it is an actual journey to unveiling fabulous wonders. From the harbor there are daily cruises that leave in the morning  to explore the coast. There is a great choice of sailing boats, one of which is ancient and very stylishm and there are modern and comfortable yachts as well. It is also possible to rent sailing boats for more than one day. No matter the boat, the protected marine area is worth a trip and snorkeling or diving will offer views as  you were swimming in an aquarium.

Without any special preparation you will admire the local underwater flora and fauna and all the spectacular colors of this piece of paradise: yellow cluster anemones, red alcyonacea, groupers, sea breams, octopus, moray eels, lobsters, grey mullets … and even dolphins and spinners.

lighthouse sardinia
Lighthouse at Isola dei Cavoli

In the area of Isola dei Cavoli, another surprise amazes swimmers. In 1979 a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary, 3 meters tall,  was set at the bottom of the sea (10 meters depth) for the protection of seafarers. Every day there are swimmers with snorkel that go and look for it. Every year, there is a celebration on the third weekend of July. A huge procession of boats covered in flowers goes to that point and the priest submerges and blesses the statue leaving a huge bunch of flowers at her feet. It is really a peculiar festivity that you should not miss if you happen to be in the area on that special moment.

figs villasimius sardinia
Prickly Pears Figs

Sardinia is so special that you will not want to go home without bringing back a souvenir. Here you will be able to find pieces by master artisans from every corner of the island, from ceramics to woven rugs, masks, chests, cutting boards. The craftsmanship of the goldsmiths offers fantastic filigree jewelry. Most popular is Sardinian food that is also found already prepared for travel. Do not leave without buying ‘bottarga’ (salted mullet roe): once back home you can grate it or slice it to prepare a tasty appetizer or topping spaghetti pasta. Another great food to bring back is pecorino sardo made from local sheep milk and the pane carasau also known as carta musica (music paper), which is flat bred, extremely thin and crispy. When it is seasoned with sea salt and olive oil, the name changes to ‘pane guttiau’. As for sweets lovers, you will satisly your appetite for sure:  amaretti, pardulas and pabassinas are delicious cookies easy to find at bakeries and pastry shops.

Where to stay

I have two main preferences:

Hotel Cala Caterina

This one is a real oasis of peace, set on a very suggestive area, immersed in the green and overlooking the sea, just in front of a little white beach flanked by smooth granite rocks. There are 48 romantic rooms, furnished in the typical Sardinian style that offer all possible amenities of a superior four-stars hotel. The hotel also features wellness treatments in the green and silent Mediterranean park, facing  pristine waters.

cala caterina sardinia
Hotel Cala Caterina – Sardinia, Italy

Simius Playa

Set in front of the gorgeous Simius beach, in a very intimate and peaceful corner, outside of the town centre but few minutes walking from it, this hotel is a milestone in hospitality. The hotel management is great at making you feel at home and you will definitely enjoy sipping an aperitif in the garden and follow with fabulous high standard dining at the restaurant. 

simius playa hotel
Simius Playa Hotel – Sardinia, Italy

Where to eat

S’Amada (the loved one, in Sardinian dialect) is just out of town, on Is Traias beach, set on a lovely niche and very well representing the laid back ambiance of this area. White and light blue, fresh atmosphere and fresh fish; the menu is not offering many dishes but all of them are accurately prepared and ingredients are first quality. What I love here is the pre-dinner aperitif, relaxing in an informal sofa, by the lovely green Mediterranean bush.

samada restaurant
S’Amada Restaurant – Sardinia, Italy

il Miraggio. This one is again on the beach, but on the opposite side , referring to Villasimius.

Many good typical dishes served on tables positioned directly on the beach, looking at the beautiful sunset in a relaxed – and well deserved – pleasant mood. This is what awaits for you at this informal and lovely restaurant in the beautiful beach of Campus, only 5 minutes drive from Villasimius.

il miraggio restaurant sardinia
Il Miraggio Restaurant – Sardinia, Italy

Su Giganti. This plesant and typical restaurant and pizzeria is definitely something to try! The staff is so kind and eager to help you choosing among the many great dishes that come from the Sardinian tradition. I strongly suggest the Lobster Catalana or the Prawns Catalana style. They come so rich in fresh sliced tomatoes and onions that you may regret your first course …  I cannot wait going back to have them again and again. The waiters also give very good advice on the good wine to pair with your superb food. (Please note the web site does not reflect the good standard of this restaurant)

Su Giganti Restaurant - Sardinia, Italy
Su Giganti Restaurant – Sardinia, Italy

What to eat

Every time I go to Sardinia, no matter if North, South, East or West, I am always captivated and taken by the simple but extremely tasty dishes based on fresh fish and paired with great wines from local grapes. I also love the rustic dishes from the land side and the gorgeous red wines, especially those deep red Cannonau.

cannonau sardinia
“Cannonau” wine

The typical starter is a selection of cold cuts and sheep cheese, in various seasonings. Then the culungiones pasta are following: very simple short pasta, kind of  elongated shell-shape, on a bed of delicious fresh tomato sauce.

Fregola is another specialty from the island: it consists in tiny pellets of semolina, made by hand, absolutely tasty especially when served with mussels and clams, lifted by a little flavor of garlic, parsley and a pinch of fresh hot pepper. It is quite a must to drink a glass of cold white wine with this! The best and also most popular white wine in Sardinia is Vermentino and Capichera is perhaps the best among the others.

On the land side recipes, do not miss the suckling pig (porceddu), one of the most famous specialties, and it is quite a must to eat it  here with your hands. Porceddu is cooked in the oven and comes to the table on a bed of myrth leaves. For the perfect side-dish, ask  for baked potatoes.

porceddu sardinia
Sardinian special food: the Porceddu

As for dessert, no doubt for my preference: seadas, rounds of fresh dough fried in a little oil and served hot with honey.

Worth of note, also the ravioli fritti, fried ravioli, they are sweet, served very hot and covered with honey.

Buon appetito!


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