5 reasons to go to Rome

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colosseum rome bettys luxury travels

Of course, there are many more than 5!

I am trying here to come up with the preferred at this time, leaving it open to come back in the future!


1. The beauty of newly restored Spanish Steps

The Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the steps is named after the Spanish Embassy in the square and the name also goes to the steps, which were built in the XVIIIth century. It is a true landmark in Rome, especially in spring, when it is adorned with hundreds of pink azaleas and at Christmas time it displays a nice crib.

scalinata trinita spanish steps rome
Spanish Steps – Rome, Italy

Now, after several months of cleaning and renovation, with a work force of 8o restorers and craftsmen and a cost of 1,5 million Euros, the Spanish Steps are glamorous again.

This monumental staircase has been featured in famous movies, as ‘Roman Holidays’ and it has been the backdrop to fashion shows from haute couture brands. The restoration has actually been possible thanks to Bulgari, whose flagship store is just few steps away.

2. The food at Sora Lella

For the food lovers and not only… Sora Lella is the only restaurant on the picturesque island in the middle of the Tiber river, just between the famous Trastevere quarter and the Jewish Ghetto.

isola tiberina

“Ponte Cestio” – Isola Tiberina, Rome, Italy

It has a lovely charm, a simple entranceway where the owner is welcoming Clients with a genuine smile and the genuine attitude of taking care of you and dining rooms in two floors so you feel quite at home.

The food is delicious, the classic is the baby lamb chops with roasted potatoes and I never miss this when I sit at Sora Lella! The pasta lovers will definitely appreciate the amatriciana and it will be a feast continuing with the meatballs in tomato sauce and the sheep cheese (ricotta romana) cake with typical cherries coulis… isn’t it tempting?

And wait to see the wine list!…

Last but not least, Sora Lella was the owner’s grand mother, an actress in important Italian movies, a typical and funny character in many comic stories. She is and will always be a milestone in Italian film history.

3. The hotel de Russie

stravinskij bar hotel de russie rome
Stravinskij Bar – Hotel de Russie, Rome

This is for sure one of my preferred hotels in the aeternal city. So well situated, at the end of the stylish via del Babuino, just opposite the Spanish Steps. There are always VIP guests but the ambiance is so special and understated that one always feels at ease. Beside the beautifully decorated rooms and bedrooms, the greatest feature is the terraced garden, offering a peaceful shelter from the hustle just off the main entrance, few meters away


4. The salmon sandwich at La Salmoneria

que te pongo rome restaurant
Que te pongo – Rome

The two young men managing The Salmon sandwich shop ‘Que te Pongo’ could not make a better choice: you will find here the best food ever in terms of any kind of salmon, swordfish and tuna carpaccio, seafood salad and creamed codfish and the charming staff will add an additional pleasant touch.

Open Monday through Saturday 9.00-20.00
Via di Ripetta, 40 tel +39 06 32652670

5. The Roman Houses

The Roman Houses (Case Romane del Celio) goes back to the second century and is a true ‘must visit’ venue. The houses, known also as the home of the martyrs John and Paul, contain more than four centuries of history and show to the coexistence and transition between paganism and Christianity.
The frescoed spaces were originally shops and warehouses of a middle class building (insula), then transformed during the 3rd century AD into an elegant upper class residence (domus).

Piazza Santi Giovanni e Paolo – Clivo di Scauro

Access for disabled people is available. Access is restricted to small groups
Underground Metro B (Circo Massimo or Colosseo), Bus – 60, 75, 81,175,673, Tram – 3

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Hours 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18

There are aperitifs combined with guided visits at some moments; it may be worth checking if you are interested.
reservations: spazioliberocoop.itcaseromane.it



I have spent my whole life working on high end events and travelling both for job reasons and for real passion; now, it is time to share notes with you! My passion for travel started when I was a child and now it is not just a passion, it is part of my business as I work in the field of luxury travels and events. In private life, luxury is the joy I find also in details and in small things.

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